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Most sensible advent in English to a good jap video game. certain directions offer helpful details on easy styles, process, strategies, analyzed video games. Used as textual content by way of generations of american citizens, eastern. seventy two diagrams. ". .. essentially written diagrammed primer. .. "—New Yorker.

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The King's Indian is without doubt one of the most fun defenses in chess and is preferred by means of formidable and competitive avid gamers. on the maximum point it's been a massive weapon for international Champions Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov. during this easy-to-read advisor, Grandmaster Joe Gallagher is going again to the fundamentals of the King's Indian, learning the foremost ideas of its many adaptations.

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8 e2·e3 Bc8-f5 9 Bfl·d3 Now 9 Qb 3 could be met by 9 . Qb6. 9 10 11 12 .... Qc2xd3 0. 0 Nb8-d7 White is more than willinp to simplify further. 12 .... 1 3 NeSxd7 14 b2•b4 Qd8-e8 · Qe8xd7 Rf8-e8 " (See diagram at the top of the next page) 48 Here I felt that I simply could not play any longer, and offered my oppon­ ent a draw. Since Euwe, the former World Champion, had a decidedly unhap­ py tournament score at this point, I had no doubt that he would accept the offer. But to my surprise, Euwe unexpectedly said that he would like to play a little longer.

And so it did ! And even the humble wallboy who touched this truly "miraculous" pawn, was later to become World Correspondence Champion. 49 The Raging Game 1 1 Elements Dutch Defense M. Botvinnik - D. Bronstein 7th Match Game Moscow, March 1 95 1 At the time I played my match with Bronstein, my playing form certainly left a lot to be desired. For three years, while working on my doctoral disser· tation in the field of electronic machines, I had not played in a tournament ; while Bronstein was probably the strongest and most interesting opponent I could have faced in those days.

Rh8 1 8 Qf 6 Qc6 1 9 Q}c e S Rh7. 18 Rh l·fl . Qc5-b6 Inasmuch as White's chief concern is the unsafe position of his king, Black should not be in any hurry to force: an endgame. 18 . . Qc4 was considerably 36 stronger, and if 1 9 Rb l (best), then change is not so favorable to Wh ite. 1 9 . . Qe4+ 20 Qe 3 b6 ; here, the queen ex­ 1 9 Qh 6xb6 a 7 x b6 20 0-0-0 Correct! White returns the pawn, in order to unite h is rooks. Ra8xa3 20 ••.. Ra3 -a4 2 1 Kc l-b2 22 Bd2-e 3 Bf5-e6 Kd7xe6 2 3 Bf7xe6+ 24 Be 3xb6 2 5 Rfl-gl Rg2xh2 Black's winning chances would be better if he could exchange even one pair of rooks, since this pawn structure greatly favors the knight over the bis­ hop.

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