O.L. Kryzhanovskii, etc.'s A checklist of the ground-beetles of Russia and ajancent PDF

By O.L. Kryzhanovskii, etc.

ISBN-10: 9546420042

ISBN-13: 9789546420046

This reassessment of the Carabidae after Jacobson's (1905-1916) paintings lists over 3000 stated species and 2 hundred genera of this massive beetle relatives populating the previous USSR. Distibutional info between 26 basic physiographic areas and a a number of of subregions can be given.

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LAPOUGE 1909 ssp. ) DEUVE 1994 Syn. 153 Tb Ta Ta Ta aeruginosus (Carabus) FISCHER von WALDHEIM 1822 -BC-------KLMN-----TUV---- BeCcUbcVa ssp. ) DEJEAN 1826 = incertus (Carabus) MOTSCHULSKY 1844 = capucinus (Carabus) GÉHIN 1885 = cereus (Carabus) LAPOUGE 1912 = subcostatus (Carabus) MOTSCHULSKY 1850 = gmelini (Carabus) FISCHER von WALDHEIM 1827 ssp. BERLOV et SHILENKOV in litt. -------------------T------ Tb spasskianus (Carabus) FISCHER von WALDHEIM 1822 -------------------TUV---- Va = putus (Carabus) MOTSCHULSKY 1844 = gryphus (Carabus) MOTSCHULSKY 1844 = teichlerti (Carabus) MANDL 1963 aeruginosiformis (Carabus) BREUNING 1932 -------------------T------ Teg ssp.

T------ Tg eschscholtzi (Carabus) MANNERHEIM 1827 -------------------T-----ssp. eschscholtzi (Carabus) MANNERHEIM 1827 -------------------T------ Tb ssp. BERLOV in litt. -------------------T------ Tb hummeli (Carabus) FISCHER von WALDHEIM 1823 ----------K--------TUVWXYZ ssp. ) MOTSCHULSKY 1846 ? ) CSIKI 1927 [nom. pro multistriatus LAPOUGE 1924] ssp. ) KRAATZ 1886 ssp. ) LAPOUGE 1924 -------------------T--W--- TfWb ssp. ) LAPOUGE 1924 ssp. ) MANDL 1979 ssp. ) SHILENKOV in litt.

CSIKI 1927 [nom. pro luctuosus LAPOUGE 1924] ssp. ) CSIKI 1927 [nom. pro sachalinenesis MATSUMURA 1911] corticalis (Carabus) MOTSCHULSKY 1844 ------GH------------------ Gc1Hc = daghestanicus (Carabus) LAPOUGE 1924 = ponticus (Carabus) LAPOUGE 1924 = ponti (Carabus) CSIKI 1927 [nom. L. A. I. M. V. G. Shilenkov = 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 153 Basilicarabus LAPOUGE 1930 Type species: Carabus regalis FABRICIUS 1822 gebleri (Carabus) FISCHER von WALDHEIM 1817 -------------------T-----tarbagataicus (Carabus) KRAATZ 1878 -------------------T-----ssp.

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A checklist of the ground-beetles of Russia and ajancent lands (Insecta, Coleoptera, Carabidae) by O.L. Kryzhanovskii, etc.

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