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By Andrei Makine

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In international warfare II Ivan Demidov gained the purple Army's optimum award for bravery, that of Hero of the Soviet Union. however the many years following the struggle have introduced him a lifetime of difficulty, alleviated simply by means of his satisfaction during this fulfillment and the modest privileges granted to struggle veterans. His daughter, Olya, nonetheless, born in 1961 and informed as a linguist, takes up a submit as an interpreter at Moscow's foreign enterprise heart with entry to a metropolitan way of life past the goals of her mom and dad. the one seize is that her task consists of servicing international businessmen round the clock and passing on information regarding them to the KGB. it is a beautiful drama of disillusionment and rigidity among the 2 generations: the person who grew up less than Stalin and observed its religion in him fall apart and the person who grew up lower than Brezhnev, fixated at the glamour of the West and its fabric items. Makine's bright and real evocation of way of life in post-war Soviet Russia suits in its depth the pics of nineteenth-century Russian lifestyles provided by way of Dostoevsky and Tolstoy.

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The war, Bukharin believed, would finally reveal an essential character of the state as the guarantor of a system of social relations of domination and subordination. It would stand revealed as a vehicle of war within (against the proletariat) and war without (against competing state-capitalist trusts). The war, according to Bukharin, would finally sever the last chain which bound the workers to the national state. 1 3 Authoriry, Power and Policy in the USSR The imperative to destroy the imperialist state was therefore, in Bukharin's account, many-faceted.

18. , p. 330. , p. 338. 20. , p. 339. 21. See T. H. , 1976) Authoriry, Power and Policy in the USSR 22. 23· 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29· 30. 3 I. 32. pp. 3 I -80; and 'Stalinism and the Mono-Organizational Society', in Robert C. ), Stalinism: Essays in Historical Interpretation (New York, 1977). The mode of social coordination referred to as 'the market' has been broken down by some authors into 'the market' and 'bargaining' or 'price' and 'bargaining'. This distinction is efficacious for some purposes, but it is more useful here to distinguish simply between the relationship of superior and subordinate actors operating through commands, and the relationship of autonomous actors operating through deals, the former aggregated into and structured by hierarchies, the latter aggregating into and structured by markets.

35 (1978) 31-42. See Steven Lukes, Power: A Radical View (London, 1974). I have not explicitly argued here for what Lukes terms a 'three-dimensional view' of power, according to which 'A exercises power over B when A affects B in a manner contrary to B's interests' (p. 34) irrespective of whether B knows it is happening or recognises his interests. I t would be an interesting exercise to explore the efficacy and implications of this view in considering the Soviet case, but this would lead us into a theoretical morass from which we would not quickly extricate ourselves.

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