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By Walter Savitch

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Absolute C++ , deals entire assurance of the C++ programming language. It offers all of the instruments important for skilled and amateur programmers to grasp C++, together with: thorough assurance of the normal Template Library; whole and completely executable code all through; sections highlighting programming assistance and customary pitfalls; and a logical order of assurance of C++ subject matters to ensure that scholars to higher comprehend the language. This ebook is acceptable for introductory classes protecting the C++ language, intermediate programming classes introducing C++ to scholars conversant in one other language and may act as a complete reference past a student's coursework.

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Pitfall FORGETTING A break IN A switch STATEMENT If you forget a break in a switch statement, the compiler will not issue an error message. You will have written a syntactically correct switch statement, but it will not do what you intended it to do. Notice the annotation in the example in the box entitled switch Statement. Tip USE switch STATEMENTS FOR MENUS The multiway if-else statement is more versatile than the switch statement, and you can use a multiway if-else statement anywhere you can use a switch statement.

Fm Page 42 Wednesday, August 20, 2003 2:21 PM 42 C++ Basics income tax, 5% is withheld for state income tax, and $10 per week is withheld for union dues. If the worker has three or more dependents, then an additional $35 is withheld to cover the extra cost of health insurance beyond what the employer pays. Write a program that will read in the number of hours worked in a week and the number of dependents as input and that will then output the worker’s gross pay, each withholding amount, and the net take-home pay for the week.

If time has a value of 36 and limit has a value of 60, you want the above displayed Boolean expression to evaluate to true (because it is not true that time > limit). time) evaluates to false, which is converted to 0, so the entire Boolean expression is equivalent to 0 > limit That in turn is equivalent to 0 > 60, because 60 is the value of limit, and that evaluates to false. Thus, the above logical expression evaluates to false, when you want it to evaluate to true. There are two ways to correct this problem.

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