Advanced Digital Signal Processing and Noise Reduction, by Saeed V. Vaseghi PDF

By Saeed V. Vaseghi

ISBN-10: 0470841621

ISBN-13: 9780470841624

ISBN-10: 0471626929

ISBN-13: 9780471626923

Content material:
Chapter 1 advent (pages 1–28):
Chapter 2 Noise and Distortion (pages 29–43):
Chapter three likelihood versions (pages 44–88):
Chapter four Bayesian Estimation (pages 89–142):
Chapter five Hidden Markov types (pages 143–177):
Chapter 6 Wiener Filters (pages 178–204):
Chapter 7 Adaptive Filters (pages 205–226):
Chapter eight Linear Prediction types (pages 227–262):
Chapter nine strength Spectrum and Correlation (pages 263–296):
Chapter 10 Interpolation (pages 297–332):
Chapter eleven Spectral Subtraction (pages 333–354):
Chapter 12 Impulsive Noise (pages 355–377):
Chapter thirteen brief Noise Pulses (pages 378–395):
Chapter 14 Echo Cancellation (pages 396–415):
Chapter 15 Channel Equalization and Blind Deconvolution (pages 416–466):

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1 Introduction Noise may be defined as any unwanted signal that interferes with the communication, measurement or processing of an information-bearing signal. Noise is present in various degrees in almost all environments. For example, in a digital cellular mobile telephone system, there may be several variety of noise that could degrade the quality of communication, such as acoustic background noise, thermal noise, electromagnetic radio-frequency noise, co-channel interference, radio-channel distortion, echo and processing noise.

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The low-pass filter removes out–of–band signal frequencies above a pre-selected range. The sample– and–hold (S/H) unit periodically samples the signal to convert the continuous-time signal into a discrete-time signal. The analog–to–digital converter (ADC) maps each continuous amplitude sample into an n-bit digit. 18. 1 Time-Domain Sampling and Reconstruction of Analog Signals The conversion of an analog signal to a sequence of n-bit digits consists of two basic steps of sampling and quantisation.

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