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This publication is geared toward a wide viewers: scientists, engineers, professors and scholars clever sufficient to maintain a severe stance at any time when faced with the chilling dogmas of up to date physics. Readers will discover a tantalizing quantity of fabric calculated to nurture their options and arouse their suspicion, to some extent not less than, at the so-called validity of present day so much celebrated actual theories.

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The lines fulfilling the condition: 5rAU(r,i) = 0 (167) In the general case, the stream lines change their shape with time. Moreover, they are distinct from particle trajectories. e. dr = XJdt without implying that r is a function of i. By definition, the Eulerian particular derivative of the function $ will be obtained by taking the limit of the expression 165 for dt —> 0, we get: 32 ADVANCED ELECTROMAGNETISM AND VACUUM PHYSICS The first term d$/dt represents the local time variation of the $ function to which a convection term U • V $ is added along the stream line.

For a given point of K, we have r a — rb and the passing of time becomes different in the reference frames K° and K. WAVE MEANING OF THE SPECIAL RELATIVITY THEORY 23 Classical mechanics takes great care in distinguishing between static and dynamic simultaneity. In relativistic mechanics, two simultaneous events in K° for t° — ijj = 0 are not any more in K because of the time flow ta — % ^ 0 and the finite propagation of the signal U • (r a — Tb)/c2 ^ 0. In the end, what we observe is a combined effect resulting in those two types of simultaneity.

It is also possible to give an integral formulation of the particular derivative in a moving frame which is demonstrated in the appendix. This derivative has the following expression: ^- f dt $0<5Vo = i r f dt JVo(t) $W+ JV(t) [ $W-<5S (180) JS{t) The concept of flux introduced in this integral formulation implies, indeed, a composition of velocities at the same Lagrangian point belonging to the variable grid, and therefore has a physical significance. ) m This operator is supposed to be an Eulerian operator defined in a Galilean reference frame moving at a uniform velocity U with respect to the laboratory frame.

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