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By Stefan Helmreich

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Alien Ocean immerses readers in worlds being newly explored through marine biologists, worlds often out of sight and achieve: the deep sea, the microscopic realm, and oceans past nationwide limitations. operating along scientists at sea and in labs in Monterey Bay, Hawai'i, the Woods gap Oceanographic establishment, and the Sargasso Sea and at undersea volcanoes within the jap Pacific, Stefan Helmreich charts how revolutions in genomics, bioinformatics, and distant sensing have pressed marine biologists to work out the ocean as lively via its smallest population: marine microbes. Thriving in astonishingly severe stipulations, such microbes became key figures in clinical and public debates concerning the starting place of existence, weather switch, biotechnology, or even the opportunity of lifestyles on different worlds.

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The plate is labeled HF 70, which stands for Hawaii Ocean Time-series, Fosmid library, 70 meters down. I cannot help but compare this picture to DeLong's slide of Leonardo's Man against planet Earth; here again, a human has a whole world in his hands. "so The biological components at issue here, lengths of marine microbial DNA, / 57 have been placed in the context of E. coli to make them available en masse, as colonies, for scientific inspection. Once colonies are grown in media, they are transferred into slots on a 96-well plate.

The ocean is not of us. "34 It cannot sidestep the Wetness of the ocean medium; deconvolving Doppler data, for example, requires practical knowledge of the materiality of seawater. On ship, oceanic data management is less of a chess problem than, perhaps, an exercise in underwater basket weaving, a material practice of manipulating form in a saturating medium, an activity more challenging than its folkloric association with easy college classes would suggest. A call from the Aquarium interrupts my ROV tutorial.

And yet, what dire immediacy in this pursuit, today. So many beautiful creatures, wrought by millennia of evolution, being snuffed out in today's cataclysmically changing world. I feel the calling to help mediate the gulf of what we don't know about the workings of the oceans, and what the public doesn't know they should even care about. I want to learn how these communities control our biosphere, in hopes that we can grasp, as a species, what the likely paths can be before us, so we can make an informed decision among them and walk into our future with our eyes open.

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