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By Paul Thomas

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Alien Politics retrieves from the writings of Marx an unique conception of the kingdom which continues to be possible and proper at the present time. Paul Thomas strains the method through which Marx's idea of the country because the software of the capitalist ruling classification grew to become remodeled into communist dogma below the auspices of Lenin and different "official" Marxist stalwarts. He argues that Marx's writings nonetheless have anything to educate us and shouldn't be pulled down with the monoliths and mausoleums of communism.

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The authorities have turned a blind eye, but punished severely those who have taken private enterprise too far. ' (Russian Prospect, go). Comfort is less concerned than Read about the power of a bureaucratic class, but is afraid that the effect of centralization of functions and power is to provide opportunities for psychopathic leadership. 'The greater the degree of power, and the wider the gap between governors and governed, the stronger the appeal of office to those who are likely to abuse it, and the less the response which can be expected from the individual' (Authority and Delinquency in the Modern State, 75).

In Europe kings were crowned by bishops, and the ritual of their office was often interwoven with church rituals. It is partly because the spiritual authority of the Church has so often reinforced the temporal authority of the ruler that anarchists tend to be so antagonistic to the Church as the handmaid of earthly powers. But opposition to religion is closely related to a general opposition to regalia, symbols, ceremonies and beliefs which encourage people to venerate government. Tolstoy, for instance, is always anxious to strip the Emperor of his clothes and reveal the naked violence underneath.

98). Police are also placed in a position of unique opportunity and temptation to commit crimes themselves. One of the most frequent charges made against police is that of violent assault-widely publicized in certain cases of police violence against demonstrations, for example in Paris in May 1968 and in Chicago in August 1968 at the Democratic Party Convention. In recent years there has also been publicity in the United States about indiscriminate police shooting causing many deaths during 'riots' in black ghettos-which can be seen as a form of semi-political demonstration.

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