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By Noam Chomsky

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In those days agriculture was the only industry and the peers owned most of the land. today agriculture is not the only industry and most peers have little to do with the land, while even the most ardent defender of the House of Lords will not claim that the peers are today the sole repositories of national culture. The present House of Lords, therefore, no longer executes the original idea of the Constitution and is an anachronism. British Union will implement that original British tradition by giving to the Second Chamber a character really representative of the industrial, cultural and spiritual life of the nation.

In Westminster, as outside, British Union must be the "instrument of steel" in the service of the people. Until we win power we shall fight every inch of the way, and directly upon the winning of power we shall establish an instrument of Government capable of executing the people's will. This instrument, nationally and locally, will be created by the vote of the majority of the people and this instrument, nationally and locally, will execute their will. Power conferred by the people in their name will be exercised, and that power shall be removed by the vote of the people alone, to whom alone, under the Crown, we will account and be responsible.

Through Corporate life the individual wins meaning and reality for freedom of speech. Such real and effective freedom of speech is a basic necessity for British Union Government which in the achievement of a revolution in national life must ever carry the people with it, and maintain a far closer contact with the people's opinion than Government possesses today. It is good enough for the Governments of financial democracy to consult the people in a mock election once in five years in the hope that they will go to sleep in the interval so that Government can go to sleep as well.

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