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By Constantine A. Balanis

ISBN-10: 0471606391

ISBN-13: 9780471606390

The most aim of this ebook is to introduce, in a unified demeanour, the elemental rules of antenna idea and to use them to the research, layout, and measurements of antennas. simply because there are such a lot of tools of research and layout and a plethora of antenna buildings, functions are made to a few of the main simple and functional configurations, corresponding to linear dipoles; loops; arrays; broadband dipoles; touring wave, broadband, and frequency self reliant antennas; aperture and microstrip antennas; horns, reflectors, and lens antennas. A distinguishing function of this ebook is its third-dimensional graphical illustrations. furthermore, there's an abundance of normal graphical illustrations, layout info, references, and extra difficulties.

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