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By Jerome A. Chanes

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Antisemitism: A Reference instruction manual is the 1st reference paintings to give an international survey of antisemitism that is going past its heritage to bare the roots and nature of antisemitism. Exploring how antisemitism has manifested itself in numerous international locations from pre-Christian occasions to modern-day ongoing Palestinian Intifada, which has prompted critical reactions in Arab and Muslim groups worldwide, this targeted paintings lines the background of the hatred of Jews worldwide.Approximately 20 biographical sketches profile advocates of antisemitism reminiscent of William Marr, who coined the time period "antisemitism," and rivals of antisemitism comparable to St. Anselm and Martin Luther King. during this severe but obtainable quantity, scholars, students, govt officers, and diplomats will observe the solutions to such confusing questions as "What is antisemitism?" and "How does antisemitism relate to racism and to staff prejudice in general?"

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A more sophisticated conceptual scheme is clearly needed, one that takes into account these ambiguities. 7 The General State of Antisemitism The condition of Jews around the world with respect to their security is discussed in detail in the first sections of Chapter 4. As a general proposition, and notwithstanding antisemitic expressions in the early years of this century related to the Arab-Israeli conflict, antisemitism has declined in the overwhelming majority of 12 Introduction and Overview countries over the past fifty years, and the security of Jews around the world has improved.

Anti-Jewish feeling took the shape of a national xenophobia—fear or dislike of outsiders, of people who were different— played out in political settings. As we have seen, antisemitism was in large measure manifested as a literary phenomenon, flowing as it did from the pens of a nativistic intelligentsia. One ought not underestimate the early manifestations of anti-Jewish animus. There are two points that ought be borne in mind. First, antisemitism, of whatever period, rests in an important way on a prescriptive—and in the eyes of Jews, positive— manifestation of Judaism: the Biblical injunction to be separate from—to be “other” from—other nations and other peoples, as being witness and faithful to one God and his Torah.

It comes as no surprise that Israel (and the United States) are reviled for acting like the nation-states they are. Israel, as the product of nineteenthcentury European nationalism (so the analysis goes), acts as the ideology of nationalism suggests that sovereign states should and do act: it is ready to employ the force of arms to defend the nation’s interests. This behavior is what disturbs many Europeans; it strikes their postnationalist sensibilities as retrograde and racist. Israel squares off against the Arabs in the same benighted manner as the French used to against the Germans.

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