As We Go Marching: A Biting Indictment of the Coming of by John T. Flynn PDF

By John T. Flynn

ISBN-10: 0914156004

ISBN-13: 9780914156000

As We move Marching is John T. Flynn's vintage paintings from 1944 on how wartime making plans introduced fascism to the United States. Flynn was once a admired journalist and the infrequent case of an American public highbrow who resisted the onslaught of either the war and welfare states throughout the interval during which FDR governed the US. This examine hyperlinks the family coverage of the hot take care of the force for conflict and wartime principal making plans. Flynn attracts consciousness to the sour irony that the USA was once changing into accurately what we have been combating. His research of fascism is incisive and devastating.

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He was always detecting signs of danger in France and Germany. He told the Italians that colonies "were a necessity of modern life. " He organized a colony on the Red Sea, calling it Eritrea. He founded Somaliland. He ended by launching an attack upon Menelek, the Lion of Judah in Abyssinia. He succeeded in exciting some of the people for a brief period into an imperialist fever, drawing their minds away from their crushing 26 internal troubles. He provided a pretext for enlarging the army and borrowing more money.

No man in Italy would find himself on unfavorable ground as a rule by promising bigger budgets at the cost of bigger public debts. As a rule the statesman riding that vessel would find himself sailing with and not against the stream of public opinion and tolerance. The presence, therefore, of this stream in the consciousness of the people of Italy is one of the most important to be noticed and kept in mind as we search for the roots of fascism in Italy or any other country. But this policy does run into resistance—and resistance in very influential quarters.

He found at his side the representatives of every kind of discontent and every organ of national salvation. The oppressed tenants along with the overworked and underpaid craftsmen of the towns crowded around him, beside the most reactionary landowners and employers, to demand, as one commentator said, the honoring of the many contradictory promissory notes he had issued on his way to office. He was supposed to be a man of personal integrity so far as 12 money was concerned. But he proved to be a leader of obvious intellectual dishonesty.

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